-64 VW Single Cab forest wreck

I like car projects, but i like BIG car projects even more. This -64 Single Cab is one of them

The -64 Single Cab was bought on impulse in 2014 from an experienced forest wreck hunter, and transported on a trailer to my garage. The intention has always been to do a full rebuild/restoration, but it takes time and money to collect the right parts.

The car was parked in the garage, where i put it on top of a rolling frame. Further, i dismantled the wheels, hubs, transmission and suspension. The parts were cleaned, stripped, inspected and finally primed before storage. 

During the winter 2019/2020 i started to work on the chassis and body. The lower sections of the front, cabin, sills and outriggers had a lot of rust. The roof and B-posts were also damaged, so i ended up stripping the front section down to the chassis rails.